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The Weekly Poll: How move-in ready will your next home have to be?

58 - DIY...again

The weekly poll is up to its ears in home improvement projects. Go vote and lend it a hand, why dontcha?

This week’s poll topic has to do with houses and how much work you’re willing to do to the ones you buy. It’s high buying season out there right now, and I’m working with all different kinds of buyers: first timers, 2nd timers, old timers, and possibly last timers. And all of them have a different level of “work” they’re willing to do to a home, ranging from “complete remodel” to “not a darn thing.”

So what about you? Are you looking for something that’s move-in ready? Or are you willing to get some sweat equity goin’ if the price is right? Cast your vote and let me know!

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