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The Weekly-ish Poll: Are listing agents worth it?

Four letter word

The weekly poll is exhausted from trying to sell its home itself. Go vote and help it print some fliers or something.

This week I’m curious what you guys think about the value of using a listing agent.

Listing agents do a lot of work, from helping a seller determine a good list price  to marketing the listing to negotiating offers. Our goal as list agents is to help homeowners  sell their homes quickly and for the highest amount possible. Unfortunately in this market, those last two items can be tricky and can leave a lot of sellers with a bad taste in their mouths about the value of listing agents. A “quick” sale is relative and can now mean under 6 months or a year. And the best price possible may be (in some cases) what the seller paid for the home when they bought it or sometimes maybe even a little less. So yeah, we’re not always the most popular guys (and gals) on the block, but I can tell you that listing agents, at least the good ones, are working harder now than they probably ever have to get homes sold. Yes, the market is improving, but it’s still not all glitter, unicorns and rainbows.

And did I mention it’s a lot of work? As listing agents, we do do things like:

  • Market your home.
  • Schedule showings.
  • Market your home some more.
  • Negotiate offers/tussle with other agents for you.
  • Do some more home marketing.
  • Track down agents for showing feedback (akin to herding kittens).
  • Deliver said feedback to you when it’s sometimes not all that nice.
  • Coordinate closings/back to back closings/exploding closings/imploding closings.
  • Let you cry on our shoulders when a deal falls through/buyers are being mean/the going just gets tough.

Of course, for all of this work, listing agents also get paid a lot of commission by the seller. Because it’s a semi-tough market out there, some sellers are still choosing to forgo a traditional listing agent in favor of a cheaper limited service brokerage (some of which will only place a home in the MLS and in some cases won’t even provide sellers with necessary paperwork like counter offer forms –trust me, I’ve been there, done that and have the T-shirt ), while others are brave enough to do it the old fashioned FSBO  (for sale by owner) way.

So, I’m dying of curiosity here. What about you? Do you think listing agents are worth the money they are paid? Or maybe you think that’s money down the drain? Or maybe you think agents are worth a certain amount of money, but maybe not as much as they’re usually asking? Cast your vote and let me know.

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