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July Home Sales Report

It’s the middle of the month again and that means it’s Home Sales Report time. For those of you new to this shindig, every month I look at the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors Sales Report statistics and tell you what sold and for how much as compared to the same month the previous year.

So here’s the July Home Sales Report breakdown the only way I know how to do it — All Around K-Town style.

Let’s look at the good news first:

Average sales price for 2 or less BR homes is (way) up.
July ’07 – $111,500
July ’08 – $146,100

Average sales price for 4+ BR homes is up.
July ’07 – $298,100
July ’08 – $307,700

Median sales price for 4+ BR homes is (slightly) up.
July ’07 – $261,700
July ’08 – $262,500

Median condo sales price is up.

July ’07 – $154,900
July ’08 – $160,000
Now for the not so great news:

Median sales price for 2 or less BR homes is down.
July ’07 – $84,900
July ’08 – $74,500
Average sales price for 3 BR homes is (way) down.
July ’07 -$173,400
July ’08 -$162,400
Median sales price for 3 BR homes is down.
July ’07 -$154,900
July ’08 -$146,200
Average condo sales price is (slightly) down.
July ’07 – $179,800
July ’08 – $178,200
Total number of single family units sold is (way, way) down.
July ’07 -1601
July ’08 -1199
Total number of condo units sold is (way) down.
July ’07 -187
July ’08 -127
Days on market is up.
July ’07 -88
July ’08 -102
Here’s the “Yes, FHA continues to be the new sub-prime” news:

The number of FHA loans keeps going up and up and up...
July ’07- 53
July ’08- 209

…while, the number of conventional loans keeps going down, down, down.

July ’07 – 1237
July ’08 -719

Then there’s the “I guess a lot of homes really aren’t selling, are they?” news:

Residential active listings are still up.
July ’07 – 14, 611
July ’08 – 15,138

While residential listings taken are still down.
July ’07 – 3142
July ’08 -2876

Finally, here’s the “what part of competitive pricing in a buyer’s market don’t sellers understand?” news –

The average list price for new listings continues to be up. Way up.
July ’07 – $233,100
July ’08 – $290,400

So, here’s my completely unscientific analysis:
  1. Amidst declining sales, Knoxville condos are still doing a decent job of holding their value.
  2. Residential sales are still squeezably soft.*
  3. Upper end home prices made a suprising rally.
  4. Buyers are continuing to go FHA either voluntarily or by necessity.
  5. High inventory continues to be a key problem.
  6. Sellers are still refusing to admit that competitive pricing is key in a buyer’s market.
  7. With a 25% decrease in closed sales, I’m guessing many Knoxville area Realtors are enjoying a fine meal of Ramen noodles and tap water this evening.

If you’re interested in looking at both reports yourself, here is ’07 and here is ’08. Enjoy, and please let me know in the comments if I missed anything good. I hate missing good stuff.

*No need to freak out. Lower average sales price and lower median sales price do not necessarily mean that your personal home has depreciated.

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  1. sadcox says:

    Thanks for this…very informative. Having a home on the market right now, it’s nice to have this kind of insite as to what is giong on.