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Cool Homes You Can’t Afford: Villa Collina Edition

Villa Collina, the super-sized Italian style mansion located at 5628 Lyons View Pike, is back on the market for $21,000,000. The 8 BR, 11 full bath, 5 half bath home is listed as having either 32,000 sq ft or 36,720 sq ft, even though previous reports put it in the neighborhood of 44,000.  No pics are posted to the listing yet.

The home is located on somewhere around 10-11 acres and has a nice piece of frontage on the Tennessee River, perfect for filming your “I’m On a Boat” sequel.

Update:  It looks like this listing was withdrawn from the market already. Anybody have any idea why?

New Update 5/26/10: And as mysteriously as it vanished from the market, it’s now back on.

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Author: Suzy

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  1. Wow. I’m guessing there’s a very, very limited number of people in this city who can afford that kind of luxury.

  2. Erik says:

    Price seems a bit high. Zillow gives it a “Zestimate” of only $6.8 Million.

    I couldn’t imagine paying $120,000 in city and county taxes each year. Woof!

  3. J. says:

    The place has a bit of history. Dr. Yateau built the first house there, and then went through a divorce. His ex-wife apparently owned a lot behind it, and built what became known as the “grudge house” there, supposedly to block the river view. The word was that it was never lived in.

    When Mike and Deane Conley bought it, they would have probably been better off tearing it down and starting from scratch. When they got done, there was little if any left of the original house, and of course, the grudge house was removed. Then, when the Conleys divorced, Deane took ownership of it. You probably know the rest of the story.

  4. Saul Young says:

    That house was perhaps the most luxurious home I’ve eve been in outside of my extravagant two bedroom rancher.

  5. brigar says:

    This property is a fine example of the way that money and lack of style can combine to form examples of ostentation and poor taste. The property is a wen on the rump of Knoxville. It is in the same class as a 50 year old singlewide with refrigerator and stove on the porch, and garden ornaments provided by Chevrolet and Ford.

  6. keith says:

    Villa Collina is back on the market again. This time it is to be sold in an absolute auction (no reserve) on May 26, 2011. Go to for more info.

  7. Dovie Sernas says:

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